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See What Our Families Are Saying

"Julia was amazing from day one. She not only put the kids at ease in the water, but the parents as well. We cannot believe how much our two kids learned in the last 6 weeks. I would recommend these classes to any and everyone I know with young children" - Jaime H

“I have been bringing my son C (age 3) to Julie Byrnes since he was 16 months and I couldn't recommend her anymore. Julie is beyond patient, kind, gentle and loving with all the children she works with. My son gets so excited to go see her and loves swimming with her. The skill set my toddler has because of her just amazes me! I am so thankful for Julie and this amazing program.” Samantha L

"Emily is a fantastic instructor! She works so well with kids! Both of our kids were excited to see her each day. Emily keeps you informed about the different skills your child is learning. We are amazed by the ISR program and how well the kids are learning to self-rescue. Highly recommend!" -Elizabeth K.

"Julia Buddie is simply amazing! Her level of professionalism, passion and care is unmatched and we are thoroughly impressed with what she was able to teach our daughter. From day one she made us all feel calm and welcome in her teaching space. We can't wait to return to her for the next step in our ISR journey! Thank you for everything that you do!"
-Hillary M

"We are only one week into our ISR lessons with our 8-month-old son. Julia has been incredibly supportive, communicative, and kind as we dive into this new world of ISR. Julia takes a moment to explain the instruction techniques she employs throughout our lessons, as well as share insight into our son’s progress. We love how in-tune she is to each of her students and their needs. We are so happy to see our son learning such valuable skills!" - Julie G

“Emily was patient and created such trust in the water with our daughter. Watching her continue to become more confident throughout the process was such a joy and we HIGHLY recommend these lessons. Our little girl is so much happier in the water and her awareness of safety swim and how to rest with her float is relieving to us as parents! Thank you Emily!” - Caitlin Z.

"Julia Buddie is incredibly calm and patient and kind with my daughter and every child. She is wonderfully adaptable to every change my daughter needed and we can’t wait to continue with the maintenance lessons." -Samantha P

“We absolutely love Julie and the quality of care and learning she brings to the lessons she provides for our children.” Lee Ann G

Testimonials: Testimonials
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